Counselling and Psychotherapy

What is Counselling?  What is Psychotherapy?

People wonder what counselling and psychotherapy are about, and what the difference is.  Well it’s simple really; counselling is about talking through a particular issue in order to gain clarity about thoughts and feelings, while psychotherapy focuses a little more deeply on the limiting beliefs that are “programming” us outside of our awareness and holding us back.

The thought of this can be very frightening; we all have feelings and/or memories that are painful, and we fear being overwhelmed by them.  However it’s a bit like peeling an onion – we look at things a little layer at a time, to the extent that you want to.  So you are always in control, and every little insight is helpful in some way.  The mind has a great wisdom of its own, and knows if and when to look at what is kept unconscious.  Gaining insight can be a great release, and when we change our thoughts we can change our whole life.

Length of Sessions / Fee

  • Session fee is £50 per hour.


I can meet with you in my premises in Portadown.