Psychotherapy & Counselling

What is Counselling?  What is Psychotherapy?

People wonder what counselling / psychotherapy is about.  It’s simple really.  Counselling is about talking through a particular issue, in order to gain clarity about thoughts and feelings.  In psychotherapy we focus a little more deeply on themes that crop up, enabling us to gain insight into limiting beliefs that are “programming” us outside of our awareness and holding us back.

The thought of doing this can be quite frightening! We all have feelings and/or memories that are painful, and we fear being overwhelmed by them.  When we uncover such things it’s a bit like peeling an onion – we look at things a little layer at a time, to the extent that you want to.  The mind has a great wisdom of its own, and knows if and when to look at what is kept unconscious.  Gaining insight can be a great release, and when we change our thoughts we can change our whole life.

Length of Sessions / Fee

  • Session fee is £40 per hour.  Concessions may apply.
  • Notice of cancellation is required 24 hours in advance
  • Initial assessment is free of charge


I see clients in Craigavon.